Digital Science Academy Code of Conduct

At Digital Science Academy, students spend all of their time working together, in pairs and often in groups of pairs. We have observed that, in both learning and practicing software development, people learn more and write better software when working together than when working alone.

Such close collaboration requires that students at Digital Science Academy commit to supporting and respecting each other. To participate in Digital Science Academy, you must agree to:

Hopefully, this Code of Conduct is how you strive to behave anyways. If it is not, you should probably not enroll in Digital Science Academy. The Digital Science Academy staff will have the final say in the interpretation of this Code, and if they decide you have violated it, they will ask you to leave the class.

Digital Science Academy is an opportunity not just to learn web development, but to practice working closely with others. On the rare occasions that you find such close collaboration difficult, we hope this Code of Conduct will be your guide.