Digital Science Academy
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Saturday 9:00 - 11:45 AM
Application Deadline - December 20
We bring technology to life...

Our course makes use of the latest technology available.

A place where great ideas and great people come together.

Faster Path To Success

Learn game development in one year, while you work.

Most universities require four years of effort and require courses that are a waste of time and resources.

Our schedule is designed with working people in mind.

Learn by doing.

Our specialized program emphasizes hands-on learning. Start using the latest professional tools on day one.

The program is task-based keeping students on target to achieving their goals.

Each course designed with cirriculum requirements set by the Association of Computing Machinery and other industry insiders.

Fixed Costs.

Our tuition is much lower than the competition. According to the College Board, graduates of traditional colleges have an average of $28,500 in debt.

The total cost for our program is $2999.70 with no additional or hidden fees.

We keep our costs low by focusing on what matters most: providing instruction and support for our customers.

Each student will design and produce their own indie game from scratch.

Students are mentored by our team of industry veterans.

We offer supplementary in-person and online tutoring at no additional cost.


Each game produced at our school is owned by the student. You have complete authority to publish, modify, sell, and adapt your game engine however you see fit.

Many students recover the cost of the program by selling copies of their game online using services like Steam, GOG,, etc.

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