Digital Science Academy

Admission Policy

We admit students based on academic merit and their potential to develop game engines and tools professionally. The intent is this opens up the opportunity for anyone to learn the material as a service to the community. All our students are carefully selected based on their ability to learn the material and work well with others.

All students must be 18 or older.

Students must have completed High School or have obtained a G.E.D. Although programming experience is not required, demonstrated experience in the field is highly desirable.

Admission Process

After signing up via the online enrollment form, each student potential student will be given a web based screening interview.

Students who pass through the initial screening are given a simple assignment to be completed online.

An admission decision will be made within a few days and sent to the student via email.

There is no cost to apply for our program.

Skill Requirements For Program

The basic skills you need before starting this course are at least some computer experience. Preferably with Microsoft Windows. There’s no collegiate educational requirement for the program. However the student should have knowledge of these concepts:

Personal Commitments For Program

Problem Solving Skills

The essence of being an excellent programmer is the ability to look at a particular problem and break it down into manageable pieces. For the most part this has been done for you in the form of programming tasks assigned to you. Each one presents a carefully framed problem you will need to solve to complete your game.

However, learning new skills is a full contact sport. The faculty will lay the groundwork for completing your tasks but we will not complete the work for you.


Great programmers have what we call Grit. It’s the ability to persevere in our efforts to complete a task. Obstacles will not be allowed to get in your way. A student with this trait will be more likely to complete the program.


Learning to build a game engine from scratch is a momentous task. You will need to learn how to program, create sounds, write graphics shaders, compose some creative writing, work with your classmates and much more. Obtaining each of these skills takes time and effort. The most successful students will put in the time it takes.

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