Digital Science Academy

Capstone Project

The capstone project will be a 3D game engine built by each student from scratch. Starting from an empty project and gradually building up the necessary subsystems to complete your working game.

We emphasize the use of professional tools that are used in industry. This ensures student can move from the classroom directly into a role in the game industry.

After the initial subsystems of the game are created and tested; each student will start to make design choices about the final product. During each phase the students are welcomed to make the game fit the taste and interests of the creator. Students are encouraged to explore and experiment with new ideas during the process.

Game Specifications

The underlying systems of the game are specified by our software architects. These subsystems include logging, graphics, sound, fonts, and file systems. All game engines share this same base design, our job is to help you make it work properly.

After these are completed the student is encouraged and in fact required to create a design of his or her choice.

The student will need to complete some key documents for the application. These writing tasks will get the general direction for the look and feel of the game. It’s important to weigh the outcome of your overall plans; they will affect the outcome of everything that follows. Try to keep the concepts simple and easy for your audience to understand. Completing any game is challenging enough without a complicated plot with too many subplots. Adding too much complication will be difficult to communicate to the player.

Game Design Document

This is a living document describing the overall purpose and design of the game. Provides insight into how the user will enjoy and play the game itself. The document serves as a manual for how the game works as presented to the player. Often this document is transformed into a player guide toward completion of the product.

Most engines are tailored for a particular type of game and this project is no exception. In this case we will build a turn-based strategy game. Designing and building a truly generic game engine would be a monumental task for one person to take on.


Each game produced at our school is owned by the student. Our organization does not hold any rights to what you produce.

You have complete authority to publish, modify, sell, and adapt your game engine however you see fit.

Our school requires no attribution for the production of the game. We do appreciate being mentioned in your future endeavors.

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